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jewelry inspired by Mother Earth deserves a sustainable journey.


made to order

all of our products are made to order to reduce the waste that comes from mass production. by only beginning manufacturing after an order is placed, we eliminate the possibility of overproduced materials and products that will end up in landfills.

twice a week shipping

all orders are shipped twice a week to reduce transportation emissions. by reducing the number of times we ship, we ensure each shipment is fully loaded to maximize available space on our modes of transport. fewer transports mean fewer greenhouse gas emissions, so we can bring a more sustainable and environmentally conscious product to you.

sustainable packaging

our packaging is kept to a minimum in order to lessen the number of materials used. designed with functionality in mind, our packaging is made with 100% recycled materials and is 100% compostable, from shipping boxes to shipping labels. we use earth-friendly inks as well so you can reuse or recycle Rodela packaging without worry to its effect on the environment.

reusable jewelry pouch and box

with every order, we send a reusable jewelry pouch and box. these can be used time and time again and repurposed into functioning storage for your home. store your jewelry to keep it safe or store your knickknacks to clear up some clutter. no matter the purpose, these reusable items prevent unnecessary waste and offer a convenient way to store your jewelry.

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