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Our pieces are all limited in quantity and are delicate due to their handmade nature.

Gemstones are a product of the earth. On some stones like malachite, the green color comes from the copper oxidizing in the air because the mineral is formed close to the surface of the Earth. Pearls are organic gems, meaning they come from a living being. This means that every single pearl grows in its own unique way, making every piece one of a kind.
Our jewelry is designed to reflect the miracles of unique and exquisite natural forms on you every day. Care should always be taken when wearing delicate materials.
You should use, store, and clean your jewelry correctly. Here are some tips to make your jewelry last longer:

The golden rule for jewelry care is “last on, first off”. Put your jewelry on last and take it off first.

To maintain the beauty of your pieces, we recommend you do not swim, bathe or shower in your jewelry. Keep your jewelry away from all liquids including water, salt water, chlorine, shampoo, perfume, make-up products, soap, hairspray, lotions, oils and all other chemicals; remove them during any kind of physical activity.
Please note that even if you’re sure your jewelry hasn’t been exposed to any of the chemical products we have mentioned above, it has been in contact with your skin which does perspire. Sweating is a complex, natural phenomenon of the skin causing the quicker formation of tarnish.  


We ship each of our pieces in a special pouch. Protect your jewelry by individually storing each piece in a soft pouch to help avoid breakage, scratching or tangling. We suggest you store your item in a dark, cool, dry place to avoid humidity and heat which can cause tarnishing.

Always pack your jewelry with care.


We recommend you gently polish your jewelry piece with a soft cloth. Avoid using cleaning products as this can damage the plating, gems and stones.